Please note change of venue.

Garrick Bar (upstairs), 29 Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4JB.

Monday 15th April 7pm (after the BILETA AGM). Doors open from 6.30pm

Our welcome event showcases a series of rapid-fire talks from some of the most provocative, funny, cynical and/or disaffected thinkers in the field (delete as applicable).

The talks loosely follow the IGNITE format, in which presenters have only five minutes and 20 slides to enlighten and entertain. Join BILETA IGNITE and share your visionary world view. Be courageous, irreverent and iconoclastic. Proceedings begin with Prof Ronan Deazley, who takes as his theme: COPYRIGHT IS FUCKING.

Interested? Are you provocative, funny, cynical and/or disaffected? Contact Ronan Deazley for further details, or to register your interest.

There is no additional charge for this event. Food and drink will be available for purchase at the venue.